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Benefits of Eating Raw Living Foods: Detoxify Your Body

Raw Foodism has grown to be more popular in the recent years, but not enough to cause a massive dieting fad. Our eating patterns are the hardest to transform, as foods are part of our culture. We eat to socialize, for pleasure, to ease our anxiety or depression, or simply out of boredom. These behaviors prompt us to make unhealthy choices, eating mostly processed, sugary and over salted foods. Craving these foods is simply our bodies’ way of crying out for nutrients. Junk foods create an acidic environment in our bodies and toxins get stored. It is impossible to thrive in this toxicity, we can merely survive. To restore our vitality, outer and inner beauty, we need to safely and effectively detoxify, leaving permanent and visible results.

The Body’s Toxic State

Although the saying is true that “We are what we eat”, food choices are not the only thing that can be harmful to our health. The human body stores toxins from our polluted environment, medications we take and our daily stress. These toxins overburden the body causing many common health concerns. Stores are loaded with over-the-counter and prescription medications that superficially treat only the symptoms of these concerns. They cause many side effects, making the body even more toxic and fatigued. In this toxic state, we may experience symptoms, such as exhaustion and depression. Many react with skin conditions, body odor, constant muscle tension, cellular inflammation, weight gain or inability to lose weight, constipation, headaches, insomnia, mental fog and anxiety. Most doctors today continually treat these symptoms, instead of educating patients on how to prevent them.

Detoxification process

We all long for a healthy, radiant body full of energy, and a clear, creative mind, to make quick and accurate decisions. Raw Organic Foods are our answer to a healthy body and mind. Fresh organic vegetables, organic fruits, organic nuts and seeds, help the body rid itself from accumulated toxins. Only a few days of eating this way will show visible signs. Prior to healing, before the body’s complete detoxification, symptoms might get worse. Embarking on a journey of eating mainly raw foods will cause symptoms that may scare some into halting this lifestyle change, however, this process is temporary.

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