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How Fit is Your Sales Team?

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to put a client’s field sales force through our Sales Fitness Circuitto test their sales fitness.

The Sales Fitness Circuit is designed to reinforce and continue the process of learning from our Sales Communication Training. The Sales Communication competencies (skills, knowledge and mindset) covered in the initial training is put to the test through a series of exercises. The aim is to embed the learning from the training as a way of life in the sales team’s actions and thinking.

Specific skills, competency enhancement, and behaviour change were supported during the Sales Fitness Circuit Course through:

Reviewing and reinforcing key learning’s from the 7 Step Sales Communication Process, in particular the Pre, Analysis, Problem Solving, Recommendation and Closing steps
Sharing lessons learnt and obstacles experienced in using the models, techniques, and skills in the field
Reflecting on strengths and areas requiring further development
Developing individual action plans to address skill gaps moving forward
The Sales Fitness Circuit Course provided an experiential and high impact learning opportunity. The 1-day session is designed to be fun, high energy, and collaborative. It creates an effective learning environment that combines conceptual knowledge, real sales situations experienced in the field, and reflective learning.

Like the physical fitness circuit you would see in a gym or on the hit show The Biggest Loser, the elements of the Sales Fitness Circuit included:

Sales people worked in discrete teams
Each activity is set up as a station in the circuit
Each station simulates a different activity requiring the use of Sales Communication skills, techniques and tools
Props and visual cues were used at each station to enhance the experience and recall
Teams rotated around the stations receiving instructions, feedback, and wrap up from the ‘Sales Fitness Instructors’
Participants were required to perform under time pressure, simulating the real pressures in the field
No one salesperson was able to complete all client interactions on behalf of the team
Competencies positively demonstrated were reinforced throughout the circuit via allocation of points
At the end of the circuit prizes were awarded to teams and individuals who demonstrated exceptional levels of sales fitness
Participants observed others in action and were encouraged to reflect on potential positive and negative consequences of different approaches

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