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Top 5 Proven Ingredients For Soft & Beautiful Skin – Are You Missing Out?

Soft & beautiful skin is something we all want, not just because dry skin is really uncomfortable. A smooth, soft and clean complexion is by many considered the most important thing to feel beautiful.

The following are natural ingredients that have helped me and many others to improve our skin and make it more soft & beautiful. To achieve beautiful natural skin is actually easier than you might think, when you have found the right moisturizer.

#1. CynergyTK – This is a quite new ingredient in skin care, and is proven to go deeply into the skin and moisturize. It also has many clinically proven age protecting qualities.

#2. Jojoba Oil – This is a natural plant oil that makes the skin feel soft and velvety, and reduces wrinkles and stretch marks.

#3. Phytessence Wakame – This is a Japanese sea kelp-extract that is proven to heal dry and irritated skin, as well as increase the firmness of the skin.

#4. Active Manuka Honey – It is a special type of honey from New Zealand that has extra healing benefits, which are scientifically proven. It rejuvenates the skin and makes it look younger and softer.

#5. Grapeseed Oil – This powerful antioxidant forms an invisible film on the skin, to keep in moisture. It has also proven to reduce stretch marks on the skin.

All of the ingredients above are extremely beneficial for all skin types, as they do not clog the pores like some of the unnatural alternatives.

To find an effective moisturizer for soft & beautiful skin, look for these ingredients mixed with other completely natural ones. There should be no chemical ingredients, they are mainly cheap and less effective fillers used by companies that try to save money on the expense of the customers.

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