What is the Cheapest Dental Insurance Policy Out There?

While there are tremendous differences in cost and coverage, all traditional dental insurance policies are expensive. Proof of this is how many employers are no longer offering it to their employees because of how much it costs them to do so. This leaves a lot of people in a bind because being able to afford even routine dental procedures without coverage is very difficult for most of us. Luckily, there is another option. The cheapest dental insurance plan out there is one that doesn’t follow traditional dental insurance, it works very differently and effectively to make it affordable to everyone.

Your best option could be a discounted dental plan or prepaid dental plan. With this type of insurance, you pay a pre determined fee ahead of time, either monthly or annually to become a member and obtain coverage. The amount of this initial fee is usually around $150 a year. Once you are a member, you will have access to a group of participating dentists who will now offer you dental work of all kinds, at discounted rates.

Again, the amount of the discounted rates will vary from group to group, but you can expect anywhere from 40% to 70% discounts, depending on the procedure and the specifics of the plan you are part of.

Because dental work is usually not needed very often, the amount you pay out of pocket could be significantly less than the amount you would have paid to obtain dental insurance for the entire year. If you anticipate needing a lot of work done, make sure you find a plan that will cover the specific type of work you are needing and offers good discounts on that type of work.

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