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hair care products for curly hair

Shampoo and conditioner for curly hair are not a joke and not a marketing ploy at all. The structure of curls is very different from the structure of “ordinary” hair, they are thinner and, very importantly, more rare. Despite the apparent amount of curly hair, there are actually not too many hair follicles which mean a shortage of sebum, which they produce.

That is why shampoo for curls, above all, should be moisturizing, and ideally – sulfate-free. Sulphate-containing products wash out the already scanty natural greasy lubricant from the cuticle, and if oily or normal hair can put up with it, then curly ─ virtually none. Conditioner disciplines curls, “patting” the damaged areas of the hair, smoothing the cuticle and giving the rod smoothness, providing it with the necessary additional power. One snag: air conditioners often contain silicones, which only sulfates can wash off in good faith.

For Hair professionals in NYC, curly hair is divided into subtypes: wavy, curly, very curly, etc. The difference between the types of curls from each other lies in the power of the curl. But no matter how much curly (curly) hair of the representative of the Negroid race visually differs from the easily curly locks of a European, in fact one thing is important – all curly hair, first of all, thin, and secondly, dry and highly susceptible to exhaustion.

In addition to dryness and fragility, nature has “rewarded” a winding structure with a predisposition to static electricity, which occurs during combing and styling. Therefore, in the arsenal of care for curly hair, there must be a cream with a factor of thermal protection – it makes the structure more dense, enveloping each hair with a weightless layer, protects against drying out during styling and prevents the formation of static.

Stock up with an indelible styling cream for weak fixation curls (it is not necessary to take foam or mousse – these products are considered to be the least suited to the curly structure). For curly hair indelible means in general can be an alternative to traditional styling: they do not weigh down curls, but smooth and give shape, while you can apply them to wet and dry hair.

Use indelible cream also to protect curly hair from the weather – for example, in conditions of excessive moisture.


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