Choosing the Ideal Food Trailers for Mobile Restaurants Business

Food trailers, or mobile restaurants, have become extremely popular in most major cities of the world. One of the reasons for this is that food trailers are relatively inexpensive to purchase and you even have the opportunity to produce a small chain of these trailers which can go to a number of events in your […]

Miracle Foods: American Culture Trend Towards Obesity

Lets face it. More and more children are getting overweight, and some morbidly obese. The American culture is built on a very strong relationship with food. Regardless of its nature or cause, children are following parents habits of eating and tend towards being overweight themselves. Less and less physical activities is required from them in […]

Building a Food Truck to Be Profitable at Minimum Cost

When advising those venturing into the world of mobile food truck business, I cannot stress enough the importance of building an “optimal” food truck. And by optimal I do not mean the biggest, baddest, most expensive new truck you can design just for the pure fun of it. You really want to keep in mind […]

Benefits of Eating Raw Living Foods: Detoxify Your Body

Raw Foodism has grown to be more popular in the recent years, but not enough to cause a massive dieting fad. Our eating patterns are the hardest to transform, as foods are part of our culture. We eat to socialize, for pleasure, to ease our anxiety or depression, or simply out of boredom. These behaviors […]