Group Therapy

Semi-structured group therapy provides an opportunity for people to address specific concerns in a supportive context with others who share the same concerns. I facilitate six- or eight-week groups on two different topics. The group entitled “Living Well with Chronic Illness” is geared toward people who have any chronic medical illness.

We address areas such as stress management, relationships and communication, coping strategies for depression and anxiety, the physician-patient relationship, and work and family concerns. In each group session, there is an educational component followed by an experiential exercise and group sharing. People often report receiving great value from hearing about others’ experiences with similar concerns.

The “Self-Inquiry Group” is for those interested in investigating ways they resist being here in the present and centered in the heart. We open with a guided meditation, then use structured exercises and group sharing to facilitate awareness of our strategies and defenses. Participants in this group invariably realize the possibility of living with greater authenticity and truth and report feeling lighter, more tender toward themselves and others, and more aligned with their true nature.

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