Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is ideal for people struggling with stressdepression, and anxiety. It involves an in-depth exploration of fears and self-defeating habits, coming to terms with unresolved issues from the past, learning about emotions and coping, and healing negative, self-critical thinking.

By participating in individual psychotherapy, you give yourself the luxury of focused, caring attention and the opportunity to be listened to and fully seen. In this realm of safety and gentleness, you can be curious about how you get stuck, how your heart is closed, and have the space to shed old tendencies that no longer serve you.

We capitalize on your resources, strengths, and positive experiences to support well being on all levels. When you are ready, I facilitate you in implementing specific behavioral changes. With individual psychotherapy, you become more confident and self-aware, with a greater capability for intimacy in all of your relationships.

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