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I write regularly at, and you are welcome to visit. You can check out the archives for hundreds of articles that help us to realize that suffering is truly optional. 

The site contains a wealth of information on topics such as forgiveness, dealing with fear, meditation, listening to our inner guidance, and much more that you can find in the archives.  I also offer free guided audio meditations that you can listen to and download.  You can click here to subscribe for free so that new articles are delivered to your inbox every week.

Here are some of my favorite articles from the blog and other sources.  You can find them simply by clicking on the link.

Is It Time to Forgive?

What Old Baggage Are you Carrying Around (and Is It Time to Let It Go?

Thank You, Annoying People

Getting Unstuck by Facing Everything

Freedom from the Prison of Your Habits (a 5-part series with audio)

How (and Why) to Make Fear Your Friend

Will These Memories Ever Go Away? (with audio)

How to Make Peace with Pain – for those dealing with physical pain

Living Well with a Chronic Health Problem

Websites  This is a wonderful site for information about a wide range of mental health concerns.  You can click on any subject on the left-hand side of the home page or search for a topic of interest that is not listed.  Here are some suggestions:  Stressdepressionanxiety,grief and loss.  This is the official site of the American Psychological Association.  It includes a lot of useful and practical information as well.  Offers very comprehensive and useful information for people dealing with anxiety and panic.

Helpful websites for seniors: (healthy aging guide – mind and spirit),

Support for coping with chronic medical illness:

Online psychology degree programs: Help for choosing the best educational path for people interested in a career in psychology