The Best Dental Plans For Those Who Are Uninsured

A lot of hard working people have recently found themselves either unemployed or forced to endure pay cuts because of our struggling economy. Furthermore, many people have also found themselves left with insurance coverage that isn’t as good as it needs to be or worse, without insurance coverage at all. One of the first types of insurance to go is dental insurance. If you are without dental coverage and are in need of it, this article could help you. Below is a list of the best dental plans out there for those who are uninsured. While these dental plans are not traditional dental insurance, they do offer great coverage that’s affordable to most.

1) State run dental plans. The specifics of the plans vary from state to state but most states offer tremendous plans at very low rates. There is a qualification process and most of it has to do with your total family income. However, with more and more full time employed people finding themselves without coverage, these qualifications have become much easier to hit. Many states now offer programs that those with a lower middle class income can qualify for.

2) Private group discounts. These plans are otherwise known as alternative dental discount plans. They are groups that get together a list of participating dentists that offer discounted dental work to the members of the group. In order to become a member, you pay a small annual fee. Usually, the fee is less than a hundred bucks. The discounts you receive off your dental work are significant and can be as high as 70%.

3) Federal programs. Just like state run dental plans, these federally funded plans are opening their doors to more and more people. To get information on them, contact your local health department.

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Getting an Affordable Dental Plan

There are several options when it comes to securing either an individual dental coverage or a family dental plan. However, most are expensive and if you are left to pay for it on your own, (without the help of an employer), affording it could be very difficult. There are options out there to help you find an affordable dental plan that are outside of the traditional dental insurance realm. The best one going these days are new discount dental plans.

What are discount dental plans?

Simply put, they are membership groups you can join to take advantage of a participating network of dentists that offer the members of the group, discounted dental work. The specifics of what is covered varies from plan to plan but most of them offer all services. You can get discounts on routine dental work like check ups and teeth cleaning. You can also get major discounts for expensive procedures like surgeries or cosmetic style dentistry.

How much do they cost?

Most plans charge an annual or bi annual fee. Rarely is this fee more than $100 and if it is, the discounts that are being offered by the dentists should be big.

How much of a discount do you get?

Again, the answer will depend on the type of procedure you are looking to have done and on the plan itself, but the discounts will usually fall within the 50% to 70% range. In rare cases, the discounts can be even higher but they are usually specials run by the membership group for a limited time.

What is the Cheapest Dental Insurance Policy Out There?

While there are tremendous differences in cost and coverage, all traditional dental insurance policies are expensive. Proof of this is how many employers are no longer offering it to their employees because of how much it costs them to do so. This leaves a lot of people in a bind because being able to afford even routine dental procedures without coverage is very difficult for most of us. Luckily, there is another option. The cheapest dental insurance plan out there is one that doesn’t follow traditional dental insurance, it works very differently and effectively to make it affordable to everyone.

Your best option could be a discounted dental plan or prepaid dental plan. With this type of insurance, you pay a pre determined fee ahead of time, either monthly or annually to become a member and obtain coverage. The amount of this initial fee is usually around $150 a year. Once you are a member, you will have access to a group of participating dentists who will now offer you dental work of all kinds, at discounted rates.

Again, the amount of the discounted rates will vary from group to group, but you can expect anywhere from 40% to 70% discounts, depending on the procedure and the specifics of the plan you are part of.

Because dental work is usually not needed very often, the amount you pay out of pocket could be significantly less than the amount you would have paid to obtain dental insurance for the entire year. If you anticipate needing a lot of work done, make sure you find a plan that will cover the specific type of work you are needing and offers good discounts on that type of work.

Boot Camp Fitness Test – Military-Style For Civilians – How to Conduct

The U.S. Army is in the business of preparing our soldiers of military operations to include combat. Transitioning this approach into civilian life with the purpose of maintaining health works just as well. A simple military-style fitness test will assess your muscle endurance, cardio and strength. All it takes are three very basic activities, push-ups, crunches or sit-ups and a one-mile run/walk. Use the results as a benchmark. You need the benchmark in order to establish reasonable, attainable goals to shoot for every four weeks of testing. For your kick-start program, test yourself every four weeks for four months. After that, you can test yourself every three months or twice a year. If you notice you are falling back to your old ways of insufficient exercise, the fitness test will let you know and become a wake-up call to get back on track.

Conduct the Fitness Test Events in This Order
1. Push-ups
2. Crunches or sit-ups
3. One mile run/walk

Push-Ups (Knee or Regular)
The push-up will test the endurance of your chest, shoulders and triceps. Rest is permitted in the up position of the push-up or by raising your rearward anatomy while in the upward push-up position. Only correct push-ups count. You have two minutes to perform as many as you can. You count the completed repetition in the up position.

Crunches or Sit-Ups
Choose regular crunches or sit-ups for this event. The sit-up measures the endurance of your abdominals and hip-flexor muscles. Perform as many as you can within two minutes. You will notice that time is really of the essence when performing this event. Keep the pace up as fast as you reasonably can. Only correct repetitions count. Resting is permitted only in the “up” position for the sit-up. There is no resting position for crunches; continue performing them until the two minutes are up, or stop prior to the two minutes if too fatigued to continue.

Fitness Beauties Secrets

How do fitness beauties retain their gorgeous bodies? They have personal trainers and nutritionists influencing their lives. If we were all rich we too could look like Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston. Reality is that we don’t have the financial resources of these fitness beauties. So how can you have a toned and firm body? Challenge yourself!

There is a saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. How many times have you tried the same diet and exercise plan and gotten the same disappointing results over and over? You need to try something you have never tried before. You need to challenge yourself to get results.

When you push beyond your comfortable limits, you start to see results. I will be the first to agree that leaving my comfort zone just plain “sucks” to put it bluntly. I know I hate to do it but I also know I will survive. Heck, I will even feel pretty good about surviving the fitness challenge. So, what are you going to do to push yourself? May I make a suggestion? Try this fitness challenge – the 35 Mile Facebook Challenge.

The 35 Mile Facebook Challenge is a good starting challenge because it isn’t too hard yet it should be just outside your comfort zone. What is it? There are two components of the challenge and you can’t skip either part.

The first part is to get on Facebook, or whatever social media you prefer, and let everyone know you are going to take on the 35 Mile Facebook Challenge. Encourage others to join you and post daily about your progress.

Part two is to do the challenge – walk 35 miles over the course of the next 14 days. If you are a jogger you can jog 29 miles. What does this do?

First off, walking 35 miles is the average distance you need to walk in order to convert one pound of body fat to one pound of muscle. This particular challenge focuses on your body composition and not necessarily on weight loss. The more muscle you have the more likely you are to look like those fitness beauties. Second, by telling others, you have made your commitment public. You are much more likely to succeed with a public fitness challenge than you are with a private one.

By posting daily you have tell the world how you are doing. Do you really want to look like a wimp in front of all of you friends? If you can get a few friends to join you, you will have even greater motivation. You can encourage each other to complete the challenge and if you are local to one another you can walk together.

Brief Overview on Cardio Fitness Machines

When you are looking for information about workout or fitness programs, you might find the term of cardio fitness machines in the description. Mostly, people do not really understand about the definition of cardio fitness machine so they just take a certain workout using one of those machines randomly. Actually, you can easily find a certain type of cardio fitness machine that will be useful to help you reach your goal. What you need to do is simply by knowing well about the basic function and advantages given for you by each type of cardio fitness machine.

As it is explained by the name, cardio machine is certain fitness equipment that is specifically designed for cardiovascular exercises. This is a great exercise equipment to be taken if you want to get shaped body, lose weight, as well as increasing your cardiovascular health easily. You can take the training using this machine by going to a gym or by buying a certain type of cardio machine for your home.

When you are going to get exercise with cardio machine, you will have some options of the equipment. The most common options of cardio fitness equipment are treadmills, elliptical fitness machines, stationary bicycles, as well as step machines. Treadmill allows the user to do walking or jogging inside their home. If you consider buying this certain machine, it will be better to get the more expensive version that will provide easiness in running program. Therefore, you will have more efficient workout in your home.

Step machine and elliptical are also quite popular. A step machine provides easiness for the user to have workout with the same result as running up and down a flight of steps. Meanwhile, elliptical equipment offers a great combination of treadmill and a step machine workout without creating any impact on the joints.

Those machines will work well to help you tone your muscles, shape your body, burn more calories and fat, as well as increasing cardiovascular fitness. Those machines also offer higher safety level and less risk of injuries, in condition that you are doing the exercises properly. Always do proper warming up before doing exercises to prevent muscle strains and injuries.

How Fit is Your Sales Team?

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to put a client’s field sales force through our Sales Fitness Circuitto test their sales fitness.

The Sales Fitness Circuit is designed to reinforce and continue the process of learning from our Sales Communication Training. The Sales Communication competencies (skills, knowledge and mindset) covered in the initial training is put to the test through a series of exercises. The aim is to embed the learning from the training as a way of life in the sales team’s actions and thinking.

Specific skills, competency enhancement, and behaviour change were supported during the Sales Fitness Circuit Course through:

Reviewing and reinforcing key learning’s from the 7 Step Sales Communication Process, in particular the Pre, Analysis, Problem Solving, Recommendation and Closing steps
Sharing lessons learnt and obstacles experienced in using the models, techniques, and skills in the field
Reflecting on strengths and areas requiring further development
Developing individual action plans to address skill gaps moving forward
The Sales Fitness Circuit Course provided an experiential and high impact learning opportunity. The 1-day session is designed to be fun, high energy, and collaborative. It creates an effective learning environment that combines conceptual knowledge, real sales situations experienced in the field, and reflective learning.

Like the physical fitness circuit you would see in a gym or on the hit show The Biggest Loser, the elements of the Sales Fitness Circuit included:

Sales people worked in discrete teams
Each activity is set up as a station in the circuit
Each station simulates a different activity requiring the use of Sales Communication skills, techniques and tools
Props and visual cues were used at each station to enhance the experience and recall
Teams rotated around the stations receiving instructions, feedback, and wrap up from the ‘Sales Fitness Instructors’
Participants were required to perform under time pressure, simulating the real pressures in the field
No one salesperson was able to complete all client interactions on behalf of the team
Competencies positively demonstrated were reinforced throughout the circuit via allocation of points
At the end of the circuit prizes were awarded to teams and individuals who demonstrated exceptional levels of sales fitness
Participants observed others in action and were encouraged to reflect on potential positive and negative consequences of different approaches